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Website Design and Development

While living in a digital world, a website reflects the brand image of a business venture.

It holds the key for a successful running of an online business and it is the quintessential means for portraying one’s brand identity and drawing new prospective clientele, and business associations.

Thus, a website should be developed in such a way that can hold visitors and can convince them to choose its services.

For this purpose, Urvija Technologys is a top notch website development company which offers you best website design and development services that can create an effective and interactive user–entrepreneur interface that would help you in achieving your business ‘objectives.

For over two decades, from the early days of the Internet going mainstream in India, we have been delivering the highest quality of website design and development.



We have been delivering the high-quality website design and development services since the long time that includes:

HTML Websites: We are experts in offering pixel perfect Websites that are easy to navigate, user-friendly and utilizes all the available aspects of HTML and CSS that are apt for client's projects.

CMS(content management system) based Website: Developing Content Management System based Websites according to your specification is our strength.
Our CMS(content management system) based Website are user-friendly, secure, stable and allows users to easily and conveniently control and update all parts of the Website without the help of the experts.
We have an extensive experience in developing dynamic and scalable Content Management System over:
Responsive Website: We are specialists in designing and developing a Website that offers unified and smooth user experience across all the devices online whether it is desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.
PwD friendly Websites: We design and develop Websites keeping the Web accessibility of Persons with Disabilities in mind.
For this purpose, our Website consist of features like Screen Reader access, use of alt tags on images, Color contrast themes and font resizing that enables PwD(public works department) to easily access the Website.
GIGW Compliant Website: Urvija Technologys is an ace Website Design and Development Company that holds expertise in developing Websites in compliance to ‘Guidelines of Indian Government Websites (GIGW)’and that enable Websites of Government Departments to successfully acquire Website Quality Certificate from STQC Directorate

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